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Mindfulness Coach | Amie Abraham

You can live a happier life and feel fulfilled every day.

Mindfulness Coach | Amie Abraham

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Nobody likes feeling stuck and miserable… but so many of us do.

Many of us live our lives on auto-pilot, rarely feeling happy or fulfilled. Stress and anxiety can easily overtake joy, we can feel lost or bored after hitting milestones, and we might struggle to find our purpose in life.

My passion is to help you get unstuck and create a life you love!

Through personal experience and many years of research, I’ve learned

  • How our bodies respond to stress and ways to increase joy in one’s life

  • What it takes to be present and to feel calm, happy, and fulfilled

  • Ways to successfully manage a home, finances, relationships, health, and more

  • How to thrive each day instead of getting by and hoping for the best


Now, it’s my calling to help others live more passionate, loving, lower-stress lives! 

With love, I share my research, strategies, and compassion with you!

Ready to get unstuck?

Step 1

Mindfulness Coach | Amie Abraham

Listen to a FREE meditation!


Meditation is a powerful way to reduce stress and become more present in our lives. Start your meditation practice today with one of my free guided meditations—just find a comfortable space to relax, hit play, and start feeling more calm today!

Step 2

Mindfulness Coach | Amie Abraham

Download my FREE Goal Setting Workbook!


The first step to successful change is setting realistic goals and creating a plan to meet these goals. Download my free goal-setting workbook to help you get started in setting realistic goals, creating actionable steps to meet them, and identifying strategies to overcome the obstacles in your way. 

Step 3

Mindfulness Coach | Amie Abraham

Listen to my

podcast, Bliss!


Hit play to hear about trending topics in wellness, personal experiences in my own life (and what I learned from them), and strategies for better wellness and increased happiness in your own life.

Step 4

Mindfulness Coach | Amie Abraham

Buy my book

Mindful Moves!


In my book, I share how I overcame my own stuckness, and the specific strategies I used to develop a life I love, developed from personal experience and extensive research. Start your journey towards a life you love by reading Mindful Moves today!

Listen to a

FREE meditation!

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Mindfulness Coach | Amie Abraham
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