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Meet Amie

Amie Abraham is a writer, podcaster, coach, and teacher who lives a life she loves.


About Amie

Amie has overcome many challenges and struggles in her life. From being jobless and broke to battling daily anxiety attacks while experiencing feelings of hopelessness and boredom, Amie has created a better life for herself mentally, physically, and financially. Through personal experience and over four years of research, Amie has developed strategies to create a life she loves, and her calling in life is now to share these strategies with others!


Amie's passion for wellness began in 2015, when she found herself in a rut, yearning for a new way of living. She discovered yoga and trained to be a 200 Yoga Teacher at YogaWorks in Costa Mesa, California in 2015. Soon after, she became Jikiden Reiki attuned in 2016. 


Amie and her husband, Nick, began eating a 100% plant-based diet in 2017. They now have a flourishing garden that provides most of their summer food.


Seeing many other women who are feeling stuck, stressed, and miserable, Amie felt called to share her work with the world! She believes a better world starts with yourself. 

Making positive change within your own life is the first step to creating a more just, beautiful, and joyful world!

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